Top 5 handbags for Fall 2017

You want to be in fashion this coming fall 2017. As with every season, what is in and new is going to change, and what is current and loved is going to be out and old. Staying on top of fashions and trends means looking at the catwalk and seeing what top designers putting on display. For this fall’s handbag, you can expect a few changes that add a little chic, a little fun, and a lot glamour to your outfits. Below are the top 5 handbags to pick up for your 2017 fall outfits. 


The clutch is back and staying strong. Designers such as Calvin Klein, Alexander McQueen, Dior, and Isabel Marant brought beautiful clutches to the runway. These include leather, metallic, boxy, and fringe. There were a lot of different types of clutches on display this season, ranging from classic to fun and very 90s.


You will see a lot of different types of clutches making a comeback this year. The variety of styles and the sizes will give us some exciting new things to look forward to when they start hitting the stores. Go funky, go classy, or go your own way with these bags.


Soft and Fuzzy                                         

Oscar de la Renta, Dolce & Gabbana, Nina Ricci, Alexander McQueen, and more brought fur to their handbags. These bags had fun and excitement, swirled in with the impeccable style and design you would expect. The bags became more than accessories; they were centerpieces to outfits. The unique appearance that fur offers gave the bags an appeal that nothing else could match. 


Brand Yourself 

Putting your logo on your products is nothing new, but the logos have become essential to the design this year. Bringing back the logo bags, designers are making brand new and exquisite designs with their logo front and center. The fashion forward are loving the chance to show the world their label and fashion savvy ways, choosing top designers and showing them off.


Designer Designs                                 

Graphics and embellishments are big this season. Graphic-covered bags and added pieces are making standout bags that people are loving. Fun and charming space to floral and classy, to simple and black with basic additions, you can find these designs in all types. 


Going Vintage

A purse fit for your mother or grandmother, vintage is back in style. Vintage comes and goes, and it is coming in strong right now. From 20s to 70s to 90s, to every decade in between, these styles have been making a splash all over the runways.


Shop the catalog for examples of all five of these fabulous styles…